Straight Talk

Macon Sense striving for quality product

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Dan Finnerty

You may have noticed the banner that appeared on our website after the March 28 edition of Macon Sense

It read: “We apologize for the appearance (print quality) of the March 28 edition. We have addressed the issue with the printing company, which is taking full responsibility. They have assured us of better quality-control moving forward. On a more positive note, please enjoy our new service of the full digital copy of Macon Sense.”

Yes, the bright spot is that we now have online the full versions of the bi-weekly editions of Macon Sense. However, since the times of woodblock printing to linotype, the printing of a newspaper has always been a tenuous process, prone to ink smears and registration (causing blurriness) problems. Even in this high-tech age, printing a paper is messy, hands-on business involving fallible human beings and solutions sometimes are missed.

Since the inception of Macon Sense in October 2023, the staff has worked diligently to provide a quality product that offers varied content – from objective newsworthy articles to in-depth features to helpful and inspiring pieces. 

Writing, editing, designing, sales, and management involves many hours’ work – to bring to Macon County a free newspaper of which we can be proud. Therefore, we want to see a quality finished product that conveys the time and attention put into it. So, when the printed paper is delivered and does not resemble what was painstakingly proofed the day before, we – as a staff – are flummoxed.

Macon Sense is your paper for your community, filled with your stories. Our goal is to not only provide the content online, but to offer you a stellar printed paper that you can take home and read, enjoy, and pass on to friends, family, and neighbors. 

Hopefully, prayerfully, the printed quality of Macon Sense going forward will represent the attention we give it before it is sent to the printer. Thank you for your understanding and patience.