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Fearmongering 101

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Letter to the Editor

First of all, thank you to Macon Sense for putting together a great newspaper! It is refreshing to have a local publication that values truth and consistency. In today’s journalism, Macon Sense is head and shoulders above other publications that intentionally leave out information or spin stories according to their agendas. Many of us are grateful for the opportunity to discuss ideas and share information. There are so many of us that love what y’all are doing at Macon Sense! Please keep up the good work!  

In a world of fearmongering and lies, it is nice to know that Macon Sense does not censor people’s free speech. On that note: Governments throughout history have known how to divide people to accomplish their deceitful goals. I recently saw a cartoon drawing that had a king and his advisors sitting atop the castle with an angry mob below while the caption read, “Sire, we need to begin telling the peasants that those carrying torches want to ban those carrying pitchforks so they will turn on each other.” 

Such is true today in postmodernist America because when the voters are overwhelmed with trivial issues, the ruling elites on both sides of the aisle are quietly at work behind the scenes to take more control of the people. Humans are the same today as throughout all of civilization. Many will desire government to take care of them from cradle to grave while others simply desire to be left alone with their freedom. 

What is the solution? Very simply, it is staying consistent to the rule of law that has made America thrive for many generations. Thomas Jefferson said, “The government that governs least, governs best.” Free market principles and remaining autonomous at the state and local level have solved problems in the past, yet we have abandoned those principles in favor of entrusting mammoth bureaucracies and failed socialist ideas to lead us as a nation. The left mistakenly believes that progressivism is the way to thrive when all of human history has shown otherwise. With the individual and the traditional family as the foundational building block of a society, communities and nations have flourished. This is true throughout all of civilization for anyone who can comprehend accurate history without being fooled by revisionists. 

It is high time we put off failed policies and learn from the mistakes of the past. Instead of believing the fearmongers and their useful idiots that carry their water, why not talk to those who disagree with you? Why not trust in God and yourself instead of being spoon fed by the welfare/warfare state? Why not realize that it’s in government’s best interest to keep the people divided and afraid? 

Even if we have different opinions on cultural issues, why not unite with others for the sake of preserving freedom? We cannot demand that government legislate one group of people’s ideas and not the other. It is not government’s job to legislate morality, nor is it their job to legislate speech by banning certain elements of speech that might offend others. There must either be freedom for all or freedom for none. There is room for everyone’s ideas in the free market when we do not look to government for all the answers and for government to control opposing ideas. It is not and never will be government’s job to be a referee. They have tried that repeatedly with disastrous results and create more conflict in doing so because government’s intentions are always flawed. 

When no group is allowed special preference or privilege, we have more harmony. When our government abides by basic constitutional laws and minds its own business in foreign affairs, we have more peace. When government is prohibited by the U.S. Constitution from micromanaging the economy and prohibited from printing money out of thin air, we have more prosperity. If our own U.S. government will round up Cherokee people like livestock and kick them off their land; if our own government will invade, rape, pillage, and murder citizens in sovereign States in an effort to maintain unilateral control; if our U.S. government will lock down people in their own homes and prevent them from providing for their families; if our U.S. government will try to suppress speech and ideas all for the “greater good” or “more perfect union;” if our own government will engage in blatant false flags to scare the people, our government will do ANYTHING necessary to maintain their totalitarian grip on the peasants. 

People in all camps know that things are not right in America today. Perhaps we should learn from 1930s Germany and how the people there were deceived by their own government because it is happening today in America. We must realize why it is happening. 

Thank you, Macon Sense, for putting together a great newspaper!

Jim Gaston, Franklin