Annual FHS Unify March Madness draws a packed house

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Christopher Hedden

On March 21, electric energy radiated off the lustrous Franklin High School (FHS) gym floor as the 5th annual Unify March Madness game was initiated. Nothing less than a packed set of bleachers was the spectacle for this unique event. 

THE STUDENT section, also known as Hype Squared, cheered on fellow classmates and alumni with zeal and of course “hype.” Photo credit: Tom Pantaleo

An even match-up made for a very close game, resulting in the red team clutching the victory with one basket over the white team. The final score was 46-44. 

BOBBY ZEBENDON (red) and Jacob Gilman (white) initiated the game with a tip off between the tallest of each team. Photo credit: Tom Pantaleo

Parents watched with anticipation and excitement as players chased excellence and glory. No player shied from aggression and competition while simultaneously maintaining sportsmanship throughout the game. 

PLAYER JACQUI Pittman after scoring her very first Unify goal. Photo credit: Tom Pantaleo

Kaitlyn Reeves was among the many rookies who scored a first goal in their Unify debut. After the game, players were awarded medals and were given the opportunity to sign autographs for spectators. 

BRANDON HOLLAND showcased perfect technique as he shot from the three-point line. Photo credit: Tom Pantaleo

With this year’s game recording the highest number of participants, FHS student leadership seeks to aim for growth in years to come. 

PLAYER ANGELA Mashburn dribbled her way down the court while players are unified in their sportsmanship. Photo credit: Tom Pantaleo
PLAYER JEREMIAH Hammond signed a peer’s shirt after his showcase of high flying basketball skill. Photo credit: Tom Pantaleo

A full article by Christopher Hedden on Unify March Madness as an annual FHS sports event was featured in the last edition of Macon Sense, March 14. Read it here.

SENIOR PATRICK Faetz kicked off Thursday’s game with encouraging words and eloquence. Photo credit: Tom Pantaleo