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The one enduring flag

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Deena Bouknight

Writers don’t write and editors don’t edit in order to become affluent members of society. They do it for the stories – for the connections. And, for the opportunity to share. Richness comes in offering up such seemingly minute but community important happenings such as the recent American flag exchange and disposal hosted by 828Vets and American Legion Post 108, respectively.  

These events made me ponder our American flag, arguably the only flag that warrants respectful display and removal. People have wept over and fought under it. Soldiers have risked their lives, and some have died, carrying it into battle. The American flag is the only flag used to drape fallen soldiers’ caskets. It is the only flag that motivates us to stare at it and cover our hearts while singing The Star-Spangled Banner. It is the only flag that truly inspires. 

The American flag is as old as America – symbolizing a country’s founding and tenacity as significant as the names penned on the Declaration of Independence.

No matter what happens to our great United States, no matter the political upheavals, trendy ideologies, and novel narratives, the American flag will not be replaced or destroyed. It is our country’s essence – woven into the very fibers of what it means to be patriotic.  

The Stars and Stripes are not only proudly displayed and carried once a year to remember to celebrate Independence Day, but the American flag makes a grand appearance during such holidays as Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. Plus, it is the only flag that individuals, businesses, and organizations prominently fly year-round.

I hope you enjoy reading Dan Finnerty’s article, titled ?? And, as we revel in July 4th activities this week and weekend occurring all around this great county, may we all pause to reflect on the importance of the American flag. It is our past; but it is also our future. 

As some of the lyrics state in the song “You’re a Grand Old Flag”:

“You’re the emblem of

The land I love

The home of the free and the brave

Ev’ry heart beats true

Under red, white, and blue …

Keep your eye on the grand old flag. “