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Thank you to family and friends of Germaine Moffitt 

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Letter to the Editor

Many of you know that Germaine battled cancer for nine years. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the prayers that have been offered for her, the phone calls, the Masses dedicated in her honor, visits, food, acts of kindness, companionship, and overall compassion during these trying times.

Thank you for all of the hugs and words of encouragement, which continue to lift our spirits. We appreciate all of the lovely plants and flowers that are cherished reminders of Germaine’s life here on Earth. We know she is in a better place with her father, Bud, and her nephew, Caleb.

To all of those who didn’t know her, but were asked to offer prayers for her healing and comfort, we graciously thank you. To Rhonda and David, we thank you for the beautiful songs that were sung. The selection was perfect.

In Christ,

Eli, Dee, Colleen and Chuck, Jacob, Emily and Ryan