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Seek in faith what is truly unbelievable

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Letter to the Editor

While talking to friends of mine, they had mentioned that their son has a hard time believing that there is a God. Stating, how on earth could Jonah be swallowed by a fish and to believe anything close to this seems impossible. It seems even more impossible that water turned into wine, or the miraculous healing of a lame man, who arises to walk again.

For myself, my belief had taken a toll when my professor announced in class that if you believe in God you’re a fool; and, that the Bible is nothing but made up fairytales. So, in trying to prove that there is a God can be a daunting task; but it’s even more daunting in proving there isn’t a God.

Belief or placing our faith in man or God can be a difficult journey for most of us. And for many it comes with twists and turns; never is the journey straight or easy. This is true in coming to faith and more so in totally rejecting faith.

Many choose to believe that man, with his evolving intellect and wisdom, will someday meet perfection. This hope from within us is asking for government, or someone, somewhere, who will find the right combination that touches and satisfies the heart and soul of what we all seek. This for me is an impossible and fruitless belief. From man’s beginning up to the present, man has failed to find what seems an unreachable hope. Hope in any government system seems to find its end with disappointments. Yet in our present, we seem no closer in satisfying or understanding relationships or our deepest longings.

In refusing to believe, you’re left with a belief in the evolving self or man. We are no better off, except for making life easier in comfort. We cannot explain where, out of nothing, humanity and creation finds its beginning – nor in the discovery of laws that govern our universe. If there is nothing that is outside of man within his own knowledge, where does one turn? But, if it’s true that there is a God who in some mighty way made the very atoms we are made of, as well as everything else we see, hear, and touch, this would seem something worth seeking out.

Seeking Him is the beginning of belief and faith. For me, if there is such a creator, it’s not a far leap to believe the creator can also do the miracles of the Bible. And for me, the one thing I can’t get my mind around, is how personal he has been with me, and his willingness to have given his very life for me. This is a miracle I truly believe, yet I continue to seek in faith what seems unbelievable.

Deni Shepard, Franklin