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Community newspapers are still important

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Letter to the Editor

A lot of people, I know, have given up on newspapers. My wife and I have not and very likely won’t. I still subscribe to my hometown newspaper, a paper I once delivered: The Haverhill Gazette (Massachusetts)  in the mid-1950s. They recently ran a story of an event that took place in November 1944 (an event I witnessed when I was 4 years old). They were surprised to learn someone was still alive who remembered it. 

I subscribe as well to the New Hampshire Gazette, the oldest newspaper in America and still owned by the same family since 1756. The owner [Steven Fowle] and I have been friends for years. I am glad to see The Macon County News revived as Macon Sense. Lenore and I look forward to every other Thursday when it comes out, and we read it cover to cover.

David Snell, Franklin