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Reward offered for “Cinderella” and her gang

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Letter to the Editor

This is a “BEWARE” to Macon County senior citizens. Please let me share what happened to us.
I hired a young woman to help with our housekeeping one day a week because of medical conditions. A couple of weeks later, she is telling me her sad story, can’t find a place to rent, rent too high, roommate ugly to her, had to live with Mamma and lots of tension there. She begged me for my 38-foot camper – “just for a short while.” 

Yeah, right! Cinderella was a con artist!

When the Sheriff’s Deputies explained to her she could not live free on my electric tab, she left. Her posse of friends moved her out.

Shortly thereafter, we became the target of multiple crimes. The battery and full gas can were stolen out of our ranch truck. While out of town in the hospital, someone tried to steal my vintage Eldorado. The battery was dead, so someone took the new battery out of [the ranch truck], tried to put it in the Eldorado – dumb [sic]; they obviously weren’t mechanics! Someone stole the spare tire, ransacked paperwork in three autos, stole the license plate off of [the ranch truck], cut cables, tore the steering column out of [the ranch truck] trying to start it, broke the lock off the barn door, stole two chainsaws, weed eaters, and all the tools they could grab, and, worst of all, stole my can of “Monkey Peters” (Texas Vienna Sausages) out of the Eldorado!

Spent the next several days talking to Macon County’s finest: sheriff, deputies, and detective. Since then, I have spoken to dozens of folks. Nearly all said they have been robbed, also. We’ve been here in the Clark’s Chapel area for eight years – great neighbors and not so much as a blade of grass taken. Now a gang of drug thugs are working the county. (Did I mention that I’m from Texas, where we used to “hang-um high” for stealing?)

I’m offering a “REWARD” for information on this bunch, installing a security system, and calling “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” Watch out for the “Cinderellas” in this world.

Greta Newton, Franklin