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Living a well-journeyed life 

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Letter to the Editor

While over coffee I was watching a hiker, when a young woman ran her credit card into the card reader and surprisingly paid for the young hiker’s breakfast, as well as for the breakfast of his four-legged friend. Myself, as well as others present, were so encouraged by watching such a kind and generous act. 

I did not know why this man was on his journey or what he was looking to accomplish. I often wonder why many take these long and tiresome journeys. For some, it’s a time of finding oneself and questioning life; for others it’s the reward and endurance of accomplishing a long journey.

This goes for each of us; we all are on a journey of sorts, whether hiking mountain trails or just trying to maneuver the endless obstacles of life. Whether our journey is directed or we stumble through it; it’s a journey, none the less. 

As in any journey, it’s taken in hopes of finding meaning, purpose, and direction, and often times having no idea where life’s journey will lead. Along life’s trail, we’re in hopes that something will jump out or grab our attention to help fulfill our quest of where all this leads us. The trail can be hard and rugged; even when smooth and of little effort, we still search for that something just beyond the horizon. That “something” that draws and awes us might be viewing mountain vistas,  wildflowers, or the misty fog in early morning’s light. 

Something deep within us is touched as in no other way; many wonder why this penetrates the soul so deeply. It can be so inspiring that we want it even more. It seems we are touched by something divine. Books, songs, and poems are inspired and written. It’s an experience that seems to set the soul free in search of something different. 

Within the mix of creation, we find the beauty, diversity, and mind of such a divine creator. Whether one believes or not, all are touched by such awe and wonder that deeply stirs heart, mind, and soul. For myself, it brings a reality of meaning and purpose that all desire. 

Creation points to a creator that brings joy and discovery of what has been created as well as the divine creator himself. It becomes a more completed journey that leads life. 

Humanity’s journey grows tired of endless promises and direction, both from within ourselves and from all the external noise we all face daily. What will satisfy this longing search? Can it be recognized or taken in? 

We ignore what I believe is the dilemma for mankind and is what the late philosopher, Will Durant, asked and discovered, “Can man live without God?” The answer is “yes,” but coherently “no.” When coherence breaks down, there’s an implosion and self-destruction that sets in. 

Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life”… (John 14:6) Searching and finding Him makes the journey more meaningful. 

Deni Shepard, Franklin,