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Administration cares little about American people

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Letter to the Editor

A recent contribution to Macon Sense defied the new appellation.

[The letter] began lambasting Donald Trump and anyone who might vote for him. [The letter’s] proof was Hal Crowther, a Columbia graduate and dedicated lefty who lambasted supporters as “lobotomized.” The writer described Trump as criminal, ridiculous, repulsive, crude, infantile and unquestionably unhinged from reality, words which describe the present resident of the White House.

[The letter] is correct that history repeats itself and the United States faces what appears to be insurmountable odds against, not because of President Trump years in office, but Biden’s. Biden’s first Executive Order was to halt American drilling for oil and closing down the pipelines, immediately throwing 100,000 people out of work. His choice was to buy oil from our enemies, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela, more expensive and dirtier. To further hobble the American economy, he opened the Strategic Oil Reserves to civilian use. As the tanks empty, Biden has determined not to refill because it’s too expensive.

Simultaneously, he opened the American borders to every person on the planet who could reach the US. To insure their welcome, he gave every single person an iPhone, a credit card with a $5,000 limit, a trip to the city of their choice, upper class hotel rooms, food, medical, education, and now, they are signed up for Social Security. Veterans of war have been pushed aside while illegals get top notch medical care. That 50,000 Chinese men of military age have poured into the U.S., along with Islamic terrorists, drug dealers, rapists, sex traffickers – all untraceable somewhere across the entire country should keep everyone awake at night.

Rampant inflation is reaching 25% and is choking Americans at the oil pumps, the grocery stores, and at small Mom and Pop business. Corporate earnings are down. Home ownership is becoming a dream, not a reality. This can only be attributed to the administration, which is either ignorant of or who cares little about American citizens. 

Biden plows forward, borrowing billions for Ukraine, a corrupt country that had a prosecutor charging Hunter Biden. As vice president, he pressured Ukraine to fire the prosecutor, and boldly announced on television that after the firing Ukraine got their money. Now, he has sent F-16’s to Ukraine. Should those jets engage in Russia, this places the U.S. as an aggressor and the rest could be the end of history. His obvious mental failings leave us with a president who may be incapable of responding to anything, as his TV appearances show. What do our enemies think when the President of the United States gets lost on stage?

His anti-Semitic reaction to the Hamas invasion of Israel by marauders high on hallucinogenic drugs, who threw babies into microwave ovens and exploded them, or the breaking of women’s legs to expedite gang rape by Hamas soldiers, the use of armor piercing ammunition, shots into home, leaving only skeletal remains, and worse! Now, he warns Israel to back off.

Our Presidential elections are months away. In the interim, tens of thousands of illegals are given not only Social Security but they are signed up to vote. If you love this country, if you only have a miniscule bit of common sense, know your country needs you! Forget the salacious TV news programs, but prepare for the worst.

Kathryn van Heyningen, Franklin