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Patriots Needed

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Letter to the Editor

It’s amazing how ignorant some people are in Franklin, Macon County, North Carolina, and the USA. Especially those of a certain party who only seem to listen and believe media like Occupy Democrats, MSNBC, WaPo, NYT, and other very far left and liberal organizations. 

These people think that what they hear is the gospel truth and then excessively regurgitate it like its truth and facts. Well folks, it isn’t – plain and simple. Excessive bias is very prevalent in these organizations, so they twist and manipulate what people say and do to fit their narratives. What exactly those are is anyone’s best guess, but from what I’ve seen and read from some of Franklin and Macon Counties finest is that they support anarchy, socialism, communism, and taking down the Constitution – which some who pound their chests in every letter they send in about their military service. 

Let me tell you, as a 20-year retired military veteran, your service means nothing with the garbage you spew like it’s the truth. Yet, so many are blind or looking through rose-colored glasses into that blue mirror and see their own reflection and their failures – thus needing to blame others and name call. I suppose if the truth hit them square in the face, they’d not even know it and if they did and actually believed it, their massive hypocrisy would show and oh, we can’t let that happen – as what would be people then think. 

Well, those people already think for themselves to find the facts and truth – which is something this political party can’t fathom or just don’t know how. They’ve been led around with a ring in their noses for so long – it’s just habit to follow like a sheep or cows to the slaughter.

It’s a shame too, as these people if they actually used the gray matter inside their skulls, might really have an “epiphany” moment. We could all hope so, anyway. They are so hell bent in it’s their party or nothing; but then they spout off inclusiveness, equality, equity, allowing for different points of view, and other such drivel (lies) that they speak or write about non-stop.

As for the 45th President of the USA having in his possession certain documents in a home that is guarded by the Secret Service and full-time security – how this individual knows or says all the locations within that home is quite bold, but possibly true. Especially when his POTUS; who had boxes of classified documents in unsecure locations, like his office at Penn State and even in one of his many homes in Delaware in his garage by his Corvette. This same person had no such authority as vice president of the U.S. to have such documents at all. There is no executive privilege for VPs. Were these places secure and had Secret Service protection? Doubtful, but that means nothing to twist facts and truth to fit their own Trump Derangement Syndrome and psychosis. 

As for a cult – this person has said that more than once in this paper and it’s clearly offensive and a lie; so why does Macon Sense allow such unfounded accusations to be continually posted. Is it that 1st Amendment stand and only when the Constitution fits your need? Yet, every other article in the well-written Constitution that this “military” veteran took an oath to support and defend is up for grabs and misinterpretation?  

Is that so, Mr. D.S.? I believe in the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment (as written), and all the rest. I will support and defend it as the oath I took. I did not take an oath to support and defend any political party which Mr. D.S. you seem to have. I must have missed that part in the 5-plus swearing-in ceremonies on every enlistment I entered. Since I didn’t take an oath to a party – I also am not aligned or owned by one. Seems Mr. D.S. and some of his local like-minded people are – which is a shame. 

This country needs patriots, not anarchists and people who want to destroy it for some Utopia that will never exist. America, the Constitutional Republic that it is (not a democracy), and capitalism are the best there is. Does America have problems – quite assured it does – look at Mr. D.S.’s political party as a good example. Are they really making America better or tearing it down stone by stone?  I think the latter.

Terry L. Swift, Macon County