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Thank you, community

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Letter to the Editor

First Presbyterian Church of Franklin started a new project last November called “Need It Take It.” We placed coats and other warm clothing on our front porch, along with a large sign in front of the church for people to take what they needed. Initially, we asked our congregation to donate warm clothing and even though they gave generously, the clothes quickly disappeared. Realizing we were barely into winter with many cold days ahead, we used budget money to purchase coats and other items from local thrift stores. We felt this would benefit the various projects of the stores as well as those needing warm clothing. 

These items were also taken quickly and that is when we noticed something unexpected was happening. Even though all we had put out was taken, there were still items hanging on our racks with more items appearing regularly. The community had caught onto our project and was resupplying our racks. We were able to keep the project going through February with the continued support from the community.

Thank you to all who gave to support the “Need It Take It” project. We always knew First Presbyterian Church was a generous congregation and we are also blessed to be part of a generous community with a heart to help those in need.

Mission and Service Team, First Presbyterian Church, Franklin