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Cursed is the one who trusts in man

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Letter to the Editor

That title is taken from Jeremiah, within the ancient book that gives such wisdom, understanding, and guidance. It has such meaning that, if allowed, can penetrate the mind, heart, and soul as no other. Its words are nothing of artificial intelligence (AI), which can be made up to seem real but is not. AI will promote more evil than good, but many will believe it to be trustworthy. 

As the saying goes, “Just trust me?” But in today’s world, trust is in short supply and everything is in question. Little truth is found; our world seems bent on hate and division. Leadership does nothing to help unify us as a people. It claims to care but what it does is the complete opposite. Yet, there are many who will put their trust in man, but none in God.  

Leadership’s pledge was to protect its citizens and the borders in which we live. Instead, nine million-plus illegals receive and are protected more than the American citizen. Sex trafficking, slave labor, drugs, and murder are in our streets, and the American citizen pays dearly, and not just financially. 

The definition of the american (small a) citizen has completely changed. Leadership would have it that we are all global citizens and there are no borders, and it is they who will lead us. Sadly, there are many progressives that want this and see nothing wrong in this thinking. This comes in several forms, but it’s all a socialistic communist world view, which betrays everyone but themselves. Our schools and libraries push for a different education that does nothing to give the skills for self-sufficiency. Instead it bypasses science, nature, and common sense, in favor of “just trust us,” we know what’s best? 

And once again, “Cursed is the one who trust in man.”

To my dislike, even the church has been weakened by this thinking. Sometime ago, I had a conversation with some in the ministry to see if they would sign a petition against the library for displaying and carrying sexual explicit books towards young children. They refused. They said nothing can be done because it’s going to happen anyway; this type of faith has no value or responsibility. I would ask, why is your faith so meaningless? Faith becomes tasteless, lukewarm, neither hot nor cold. 

Man’s influence over God and church is quite evident. We all seem to follow someone who we agree with, but if in our following we have no basic foundation of why we follow that which can be found outside of mankind, then we at some point will once again ask, where can my trust and hope be found? It seems to fade with the passing of time. A trust and hope in mankind is once again forever in want, yet many put their faith in man.

Easter becomes a focal point in the reality of good vs. evil. Evil finds us all; it’s goodness all must seek. It is Christ where all goodness is to be found; it’s beyond what anyone could imagine.  Are we cursed in seeking God, or are we blessed in seeking man?                        

Deni Shepard, Franklin