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Warmth and hospitality hallmark of uptown Diva’s on Main

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Emma Cait Breeden

“The old saying, bloom where you are planted, is how I live my philosophy in this store. I bloom for Franklin. I cater to tourists, and Floridians, and everybody, but I keep my prices and my store for Franklin,” asserted Sarah Miller, owner of Diva’s on Main in downtown Franklin. 

Diva’s on Main is a women’s fashion store carrying a range of clothing and merchandise. Miller finds great satisfaction in the work she does and keeps her store at competitive prices while offering quality services and products. 

“I provide everything in this store … meaning the best jeans, softest sweaters, cutest t-shirts … up to formal [wear]. I handle mother-of-the-bride, cocktail separates, country weddings, and boho chic,” said Miller. 

SARAH MILLER has operated Diva’s on Main in downtown Franklin for more than 15 years. The store carries quality, fashionable clothing and footwear, along with eyeware, glassware and food.

She also focuses on prom once a year, and she offers custom tuxedo fittings for men. The collection of clothes that Miller keeps in Diva’s is a reflection of her own spirit. 

“I venture out a lot because I’m a contemporary spirit person,” she said. “So, I venture, I take avenues, I jump out of the box, and I test products. If they sell, I bring them in.” 

She does this while still striving to sell clothing that reflects the wants and needs of local women by offering quality, comfort, and fashion with a variety of sizes and styles. Alongside fashion, she carries a range of eyewear, glassware, and food – all ideal as gift ideas as well. Just last year, Diva’s on Main was approved to carry two brands of women’s fashion comfort shoes: L’artiste and LaPlume. 

Women’s fashion is Miller’s passion, but she adores her customers and her store. Miller explains that “my store always tells a story … I make every corner a story and every rack a theme.” She prioritizes the quality of her items by hand-pressing or steaming every item that is merchandised on the floor, as well as sanitizing the store regularly. Miller keeps a comfortable seating area with complimentary snacks and drinks for friends or partners to relax in while women shop or try-on clothes. “We just cater to people,” says Miller. “Let them come in and have fun!”  


The history of Diva’s on Main began with Sarah and Richard (Rick) Miller, her husband, as clothing representatives in California. It was then, Miller shared, that the couple made the decision to “always specialize in women’s apparel.” A business opportunity brought the couple to the southeast, where their first taste of Franklin was buying a home that they could relax in. They represented multiple clothing brands and traveled all over the south and the east coast, visiting massive showrooms in Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Florida, Las Vegas, and most notably, Atlanta. 

The couple found much success in Atlanta by merchandising in an “8,000-square-foot showroom with 52 clothing lines, 17 models, and a market five times a year,” explained Miller. While in Atlanta, Rick was president of the Bridal Association and vice-chairman of the Atlanta Apparel Mart. As their success grew, they were offered even more opportunities to learn about the industry when manufacturers began to fly them around the world. They visited India, China, Paris, England, and more to give their opinion on fit, color, and style of clothing. The turning point for the couple was the fashion industry moving online. “When the industry changed to internet, they kind of did away with salesmen on the road. Everything was technological,” said Sarah. This industry change brought the couple to Franklin permanently. 

“We came back to our little house in Franklin, after we lived in Atlanta for years. And we lived the high life. We came back to just being Rick and Sarah, and absolutely loved it,” said Miller. 

While working in Atlanta, they had taught new stores how to stay open and they used that well-developed expertise to open their first store in Franklin, which they called Cowboys and Divas, located on Highlands Road. The Millers worked there until a piece of downtown property became available. The previous owner was a close friend of the Millers and had also purchased inventory from their showroom in Atlanta. Sarah said when the previous owners realized the Millers were looking for downtown property, “They handed over the keys that night and the rest is history. I’ve been here 15-and-a-half years.” 

Diva’s on Main was built up by both Rick and Sarah, but Sarah has continued to operate the store after the passing of her husband in October 2022. Miller reflected on the impact he had on their business: “The kids just absolutely loved him … he laughed from the belly and he was just a kind guy … customers loved him.” 

Miller prides herself on the environment of her store and positive relationships with her customers. 

“I try to greet people with warmth, hospitality, and affection,” she said. “We are all going through different things and I like to make people feel comfortable and happy here. My store is my happy place. I get to come in and play dress-up all day, and it’s lots of fun.”

Emma Cait Breeden is a senior and an honors student at Franklin High School.