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Your Community, Your Stories

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Deena Bouknight

A recent visit from my D.C.-stationed daughter- and Marine pilot son-in-law (or “in-love” as a friend calls her in-laws, as it sounds much more endearing and not as obligatory), reminded me acutely that Macon County is, indeed, an exceptional enclave for a number of reasons. In this age of uncertainty, chaos, violence, and nontraditional values, Macon County continues to remain steadfast to its long-held heritage. And that is so evident in the quality content we are able to share with readers between the pages of Macon Sense.

When we, as a staff, settled on our tagline – “Your Community, Your Stories” – we meant it. We want to share with readers the truths behind how and why an event, business, project, or program took shape. We want to introduce you to people, like photographer Mark Krancer (in the Feb. 15 edition), who might be a newbie to the area, but who dove in, along with his wife, to contribute to the community in various ways. We want to spotlight people and places and history that you may have wondered about or expressed a fleeting curiosity about, but knew not how to glean more information. And, we want to give you the accurate details of minutiae important in the preservation and shaping of this county (i.e. meetings and such). 

Macon County is not just an exceedingly beautiful place to call home; it is made up of salt-of-the-earth, faithful people who are knit together in so many vibrant and subtle ways. A local pastor once conveyed during the pandemic that small towns striving to maintain their strong foundations are and will continue to be the saving grace of this country. It is the big cities that seem to change minute by minute with every whim and wind and doctrine, putting them on shaky ground and leaving citizens in a constant state of uncertainty and disarray. 

But in this exceptional (not perfect, obviously, but still wonderful) community that is Macon County – with its uplifting and remarkable stories of commitment, hard work, and long-established values – there is an opportunity to present what it means to persevere and thrive in a world that is anything but static. 

Macon Sense appreciates so much the continual flow of ideas and support received from this great community. Keep it coming, as we want to provide you with a quality read every other Thursday, and do our part to keep citizens informed of their “community” and their “stories.”