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Diann Catlin

The missive came by email to alert this very bent grandma that little children can access prurient, problematic content on their school issued tablets. What? “What next?” I thought. 

Then as I read this link:, what replayed, like a recurring bad dream was how much does it take Godly parents and grandparents to say, “Enough!”? Yes, the rocking chair may get lonesome and the travel in attending meetings may increase, but that account you give to your Savior is major. That same Savior said, “If anyone causes one of my little ones … to sin, it would be better for them to have a large millstone around their neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea.” [Matthew 18:6]

The link above, which is from Pavement Education Project, tells of a third grader asking his mother “What is a porn star?” He got that from his school tablet in Wake County, N.C.; filters were easily voided. Other language, like “exotic dancer” and “escort” were used in the game the third grader accessed. 

Worse, when the mother contacted the school, she was told the burden of what her child experienced was her responsibility. Both the child’s teacher and principal lied to her about her child being able to access this game on his school issued device.

Parents must wake up to today’s agenda. Sex at all costs, for all ages, in all kinds of scenarios is being shoved down your little ones’ throats. Those little eyes do not know what to do with what they are seeing. They are becoming depressed; some are suicidal. They cannot erase what they have seen on school tablets. They cannot erase what they see in library books, such as “It’s Perfectly Normal,” whose pictures are sexual and whose words encourage oral and anal sex. This book also teaches that if you get pregnant, it’s okay. You can always have an abortion. The child created because God designed one man and one woman to marry and reproduce and take care of their child is now discarded like garbage because the youngster playing with sex, as the books encourages, has not comprehended what he is too young to understand. 

DIANN CATLIN with her husband, Brodie, and their family.

The link provides a list of ways parents can avoid what happened to the mother featured in the Pavement Education Project link. It shares: “Information is power.” The following are suggestions for parents:

  • Read carefully through the Tech Use Agreement for your district.
  • Ask school leadership what they do to support teachers and protect students.
  • Talk to your child about what to do when they see porn or violent content.
  • Model appropriate use of digital screens.
  • Set limits on use of devices and screen time.
  • Check your child’s browsing histories every night.
  • Report problems immediately to the appropriate school personnel.

I plan to continue following the Pavement Education Project to learn what else is out there to trip up children and parents. I will keep writing, attending meetings, and supporting Godly legislators and leaders – because I and you will give an account to the One who designed male and female, the family, and abstinence until marriage. The perverse exploding sexual agenda is abhorrent to the Creator God, and I choose to align with Him and not the world. 

What about you? 

Diann Catlin lives in Macon County, is a retired editor and writer, and serves on the Macon County Library Board of Trustees.