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What happened to ‘let’s work together?’

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Letter to the Editor

Reading the Feb. 14 Letters to the Editor [Straight Talk], I read down to Mr. David Snell’s letter. As I was reading Mr. Snell’s letter, at first I thought he’d had a “Come to Jesus Meeting.” I was actually agreeing with much of the first part of his letter – which is a huge surprise after reading his many ill-informed letters.

Then, about halfway, Mr. Snell made another one of his hard left turns. Calling the GOP – “Trump Cult” – is a huge insult; but, the likes of Mr. Snell and his ilk in Macon County who rant relentlessly about Donald Trump is what is referred to as “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” I’m going to guess you get your info from such super far left media pundits like Occupy Democrats, MSNBC, Politico, WaPo, and others to continue to feed your baseless and totally unsubstantiated opinion. 

I know many in Macon County, the state of North Carolina, and the United States of America who are not Trump Cultists. Should we call you and those on the super far left Democratic Party Clinton, Obama, and Biden Cultists? I know a few moderate Democrats (the old Democrats – not the super woke ones now) who abhor Biden and his sending this country into the proverbial toilet. 

If you, sir, have not noticed that prices have skyrocketed under Biden, then I’m not sure what planet you live on (and you can’t blame Trump three years later). He proclaimed that if he was elected President that he would not do as Trump did in using the power of the Executive Order to make policy. His first month in office, he signed off on more EOs than Trump had done in four years. He closed down job and economic growth items like the Keystone Pipeline and more. The biggest issue so far is President Biden’s total disregard for immigration laws passed by Congress. He has opened up a pipeline of millions of illegal immigrants to simply walk into the United States unabated. We don’t have a clue who these people are as they were not properly vetted as legal immigrants are required to do before coming to the U.S.

As for your endorsement of N.Y. House of Rep. Hakeem Jeffries … Wow! You support a full-blown Marxist/Communist to be vice president. You say you proudly served in the U.S. Navy and advocate for such people as Rep. Jeffries, who has clearly shown that he and the House Democrats have zero desire to work with the GOP. Where is that “Let’s work together axiom?” Absolutely not in Mr. Jeffries vocabulary. 

BTW, Mr. Snell, that is my opinion based on something called facts – not some vague and false concoctions thrown out to cult members on the left.

Personally, [I believe] America has two choices for President – if President Biden is even nominated, which seems to be dwindling day by day. As for Donald Trump, he is at least partially a narcissist. Yet, the massive collusion by the left to keep Trump from running is absolutely heinous. If the Democrats can win fair and square, why the court assaults that are failing miserably one after another? To have several Democrat-controlled states doing their best to keep Trump off the ballot only makes those who use their brain to see the travesty of our justice system. 

So, who is running the DC POTUS show, Mr. Snell? Please tell us what you have been instructed to say and do by those media outlets mentioned above. Enquiring minds (those of us who use ours) want to know.

Terry L. Swift, Franklin