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MLK’s vision scrapped for DEI

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Letter to the Editor

Since we have recently celebrated Martin Luther King Day, I thought it good to reflect on how far we have departed from his vision for America. Dr. King dreamed of a colorblind society in which a person was judged by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin. Today, all you hear about is skin color, not to mention gender, sexual orientation, and all the hooey about oppressors and the oppressed and a confused hierarchy of intersectional marginalization. This monstrous scam keeps people comparing themselves with others, finding fault, indulging self-pity, and making them suspicious and distrusting, and generates animosity. In other words, it destroys their capacity to lead a happy, useful life. There is no room left for actual personal betterment; it’s always someone else’s fault. The only diversity is skin deep but there is a great deal of uniformity of thought. Equity means justice but there is no justice here, just envy and a descent to the lowest common denominator.

Just think of the hubris involved in people who think they can weigh all past injustices and prescribe the proper remedy, especially when that remedy involves disadvantaging those in the present who are blamed for what their forbears may or may not have done generations ago. Playing God much? How long will two wrongs make a right? Nobody has an answer for that and forgiveness seems to be a foreign concept to the DEI [Diversity, Equity, Inclusion] crowd. So diversity devolves to rigid conformity and equity devolves to revenge. How about inclusion?

Inclusion is a rearrangement of exclusions. Ask any white cis hetero Christian male or any of those who have pejorative synthetic jargon directed at them. DEI could very well be labeled IED because it will eventually detonate and blow up society and for this DEI must DIE. Long live MLK’s vision.

David Parker – Sylva