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Letter to the Editor

CLARIFICATION – from the staff at Macon Sense: In the Jan. 18 issue of Macon Sense, a letter to the editor was attributed to Doug Woodward, when in fact, the writer of the letter was Terry Swift. The error was corrected on the website at Macon Sense regrets the error and greatly apologizes.

In the January 18 edition of Macon Sense, a letter to the editor was printed over my signature. I did not write that letter. This is deeply disturbing, particularly since the letter, attributed to me, espoused views that are the opposite of what I hold as truth.

Upon investigation, Macon Sense found that my name had mysteriously crept into the paper between proofing and printing.

Those in the community who know me well – and I have lived here for 42 years – will know immediately that I did not write a letter that contained inflammatory and divisive language.

Nevertheless, the error has had the effect of giving those who know me casually an entirely different picture of who I am, something not easily repaired.

Doug Woodward – Franklin, N.C.