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Response to Letter to the Editor on ‘Basic Freedoms Under Attack’

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Letter to the Editor

Reading the Letters Policy in Macon Sense, I’m confused how this certain letter got published. Direct quote from the paper states, “Macon Sense will ‘not’ publish any submissions that include inflammatory and/or profane language or that slanders an individual, group or business.” My reading of the letter clearly is in direct violation of the paper’s stated rules.

The part about gerrymandering is in direct response to the N.C. GOP-led Legislature. Anyone whom may be a GOP Party member would take offense at such statements, especially since prior to 2010, N.C.’s State Legislature was that other party and they definitely gerrymandered during their 150-plus years of state control. Even to the point of creating a county – Yancey – to try and block African American voters all the way up to the Civil Rights Movement.

As for the grossly inaccurate statement made about “this attack on our right to vote is an attack to all our freedoms and the Constitution itself” … Let’s back that truck up. Even if there is gerrymandering going on – and N.C. is under constant supervision for such things and has been well before the current party took control – there is zero limitation to anyone being able to vote. North Carolinians overwhelmingly voted for Voter ID, so it should be law, shouldn’t it? Well, it wasn’t for the 2020 election because a certain party filed a lawsuit in a court that was being judged by their own party. Voter ID was put on hold – why? Picture ID is a near necessity in today’s world and if someone doesn’t have one, they are pretty easy to get.

Maybe if those well-meaning groups had simply found those few who may not have a photo ID and taken them to any NC DMV – that issue would not even exist. Yet, it is not done so controversy can reign and elections can be bought and sold. With voter ID, most of that cannot happen. BTW – as an independent voting American – I always show my ID when voting, even if not needed.

No idea where the writer got that America was founded as a democratic republic. Guess same place that they and too many others call America a democracy. Wrong. I didn’t serve 20 years in the military to support and defend a democracy, and using that term like many others bandied about today by the same people destroys what the term actually means. America has always been a Constitutional Republic, so get it right.  

As for this certain political candidate making statements the writer alludes to – total bunk, much like the insurrection” that did not happen on Jan 6. The writer keeps pointing fingers towards a certain party and candidate but doesn’t realize that there are three fingers pointing back at him and those whom say such drivel. If the writer actually looked at FACTS and not opinions and such – they would see their own people doing the very things they say these other people are doing and much more so. If needed, I can provide a lot of factual examples.

Onto libraries and schools – with certain” religious or political views.” Well sir, age-appropriate books and materials is the main focus of such small-minded people you allude to again. No 7-year-old child needs to see materials not age appropriate. As a parent, you or anyone else can go to a library and check out such materials and allow your children to read them. Parents that don’t shouldn’t have to even bring this subject up. Less than 20 years ago, this would be deemed child abuse, but those that want all kids to see such material think their view is 100% correct. Guess what? You are not correct. Libraries and schools are run by taxpayers and, as you stated previously, they also get a vote in that area. Or does that not matter in this case, along with others who disagree with you?

I won’t even comment on the other trash talk you puked all over us who read your drivel. If you think those whom oppose your views are small or closed minded – then maybe finding a new abode is needed. I’m also not seeing all that unity your kind speaks of in any of your letter – so where did that go? Is it like the words racist, bigot, supremacist? They only apply to the opposing side when based on skin color. There is a word for that – it is hypocrisy.

Terry Swift, Macon County

Apology from the Editorial and Design Staff and Macon Sense: We apologize for the oversight in listing the writer of this Jan. 18-published letter as Doug Woodward. The writer of the letter is Terry Swift (as corrected above). The letter went all the way through the production process for the Jan. 18 edition as written by Terry Swift, but something happened in final proofing (before printing) for Doug Woodward’s name to get attached to this letter. We are trying to determine how that happened. An error was made and we greatly apologize.