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Generosity appreciated

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Deena Bouknight

For our Nov. 22 edition, published just before Thanksgiving, Macon Sense’s manager, Dan Finnerty, shared the state of community newspapers nationwide and communicated that in order for the paper to survive and continue to be offered free of charge, we must be supported. Having a nonprofit, Kavod Family, as the publisher helps – as does advertising.

But as the Dec. 22 edition of The New York Times pointed out, “hundreds of newspapers have closed in recent years, leaving many communities without any source of local news.” The 172-year-old newspaper that serves millions of people, instead of a few thousand (like Macon Sense) implored readers of small community newspapers to: “… consider supporting a local news organization in your community through a donation. Find one whose work you admire, and then help them do their work strengthening your community.”

Since our first edition launched in October, we have, indeed, experienced support through our website, Donations from $25 to upwards of $500 have been provided, and these monies not only help to pay the staff salaries, print the newspaper, and offer the newspaper content via a website and social media, but also to maintain a free-of-charge status. Plus, importantly, Macon Sense is not only able to pay freelance writers, but offer paid internships to motivated high school and college students who may be considering a career that involves writing and journalism.

As the managing editor and an almost four-decades freelance writer, author, and objective journalist, my focus is never financial where publishing is concerned. However, I am beyond appreciative of the provisions we have received and continue to receive for Macon Sense. The article ideas that flow in, the talented contributors, the expressions of opinions, and the compliments regarding content continue to be much cherished – as is financial support.

The staff of Macon Sense marches forward into 2024 dedicated to providing interesting, enriching, and important content. Thank you, and many blessings for this new year.