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Library trustees affirm support for leadership of county commissioners

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Deena Bouknight

Macon County commissioners, at the Dec. 12 meeting, discussed a replacement trustee for the Macon County Public Library’s Board of Trustees, due to Bill Trotter resigning his position as a trustee in August. County Librarian Abby Hardison requested commissioners to consider trustee applicant Marsha Moxley of Highlands to fill the vacated position on the eight-member board. Commissioner Danny Antoine also requested consideration of candidates remaining from the original pool of at least a dozen applicants from the March 2023 selection process who were not chosen, in addition to Moxley’s application.

Hardison explained that this replacement candidate has to represent the Hudson Library in Highlands, per library bylaws. Antoine asked Hardison if another candidate could be submitted in addition to Moxley by the Hudson Library board. She answered in the affirmative. The issue will be readdressed at the Jan. 9, 2024, meeting. 

Prior to the Dec. 12 meeting, during the trustees meeting Dec. 5 at the Macon County Public Library, an overture was presented by member Justin Bohner regarding the commissioners’ 10-year review of the current Fontana Regional Library (FRL) Inter-Local Agreement, which includes the counties of Macon, Swain, and Jackson. Proposed resolutions to the agreement are currently under review by Swain and Jackson County commissioners.

Bohner shared the wording of his overture with trustees, Hardison, and attendees, which reads: “Men and women of the Fontana Regional Library Board, the Macon County Public Library Board of Trustees, would like to send this overture, or sign of good faith, to you in support of the new Fontana Regional Library Contract. With all the turmoil over the last few years regarding a variety of different issues, we believe that the approval and acceptance of this newly amended contract will do much in the way of promoting unity and community. Issue after issue has been brought up and has caused a rift in the community. This contract does a good job of meeting the demands of both sides of the aisle. We are seeking to show our support of the commissioners of our county, as well as the Fontana Regional Library itself, by sending this sign of good faith to you. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Macon County Public Library Board of Trustees.”

AN OVERTURE to the Macon County Commissioners was presented Dec. 5 by Macon County Board of Trustees member Justin Bohner, second from left.

Bohner explained his motivation behind the overture: “The fact that the new contract for the FRL was unanimously approved by our [Macon] county commissioners was no small thing. Since the commissioners have jurisdiction over all third-party agreements in the county, it would be a show of good faith for the FRL Board of Trustees to support their democratically elected officials by accepting the new contract as is.”

Bohner’s overture was approved by majority vote, with three trustees, Wood Lovell, Debbie Tallent, and Linda Tyler opposing it.

The next meeting of the Fontana Regional Library Board is Tuesday, Jan. 9, at the Jackson County Public Library in Sylva.