Brooks’ era ends for FHS football

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Dan Finnerty

Nov. 13, 2023, marked the end of a long and successful run for Franklin High School’s (FHS) Head Football Coach Josh Brooks.

On that day, FHS received a letter stating Brooks’ decision to step down from coaching, while remaining with the school in other capacities. In a Dec. 1 statement from the school, FHS Principal Blair King thanked Brooks: “Franklin High School would like to express appreciation to Coach Brooks for his 25 years of service to Franklin High School, Franklin football, and to this community. His contributions and hard work during his coaching tenure will be extremely difficult to replace. We are excited that Coach Brooks remains a part of our Franklin High School faculty and staff.”

Brooks expressed his own gratitude for his years in coaching.

“I was very blessed to serve as the head football coach for the past 18 years. I am very thankful for the coaches, players, administration, and community. I want to be able to support my wife and her volleyball program, watch my son and daughter play their respective sports, and I want to help my brother in his lawn care business.”

FRANKLIN HIGH then football coach Josh Brooks addresses players during a practice last summer.

When interviewed last June, Brooks reflected on individuals he followed when deciding to take on head coaching responsibilities. People such as legendary football coach, Fred Goldsmith, as well as Brooks’ own father, Lionell, and brother, Jay, played key roles in his motivation to start and his dedication in continuing his long coaching tenure at FHS.

In that interview, Brooks reflected on the impact his father, a 40-year coach himself, had on him.

“My Dad never tried to coach for me; he never tried to tell me what to do. He was always there and he was an amazing listener. It never bothered him to tell me the tough truth. I was a smart aleck 16-year-old who knew everything and he always set us straight when we needed it. I didn’t understand it then but man, I’m so thankful for it now.”

Brooks, during the June interview, also emphasized his ongoing desire to ensure his student athletes kept what is important in perspective. “I want them to understand that to me, there’s a greater hope [Jesus] out there than wins and losses. I want them to have the same peace I’ve got.”

BEKAH AND JOSH BROOKS enjoy one more moment together on the football field.

In addition to spending more time with his family and helping his wife Bekah with her coaching at FHS, Brooks will continue to be an integral member of the Career and Technical Education staff at FHS.