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Letter to the Editor

Well, it looks like Trump haters have discovered Macon Sense along with thousands of others in WNC. In the first several publications, this community media outlet looks fantastic, and I commend those who have made it happen. 

Speaking of Trump haters, those who hate the rule of law continue to follow personalities within politics as superficial soap operas. At the same time, useful idiots (as Lenin and Stalin called them) turn a blind eye to the gross inconsistencies of leftists that plague the American empire with propaganda which destroys truth in a civilized society.

In the age of misinformation on 90% of mainstream news, many of us question more than simply, “Orange Man = bad”, some of those issues are as follows:

1. Why is proven biological science being abandoned in the trans movement that is also perverting basic grammar with wrong pronoun use?  

2. Why are leftists attacking women by demanding men compete in female sports and changing the meaning of language in order to sound virtuous?

3. If sanctuary cities claim they welcome illegal immigrants, why are they now refusing them with an open border policy?  Perhaps Biden supporters should put their political signs in their yards again so that illegals will know where to find food and shelter?  

4. Would people be upset if teachers and librarians secretly began baptizing students or celebrating Easter in the same fashion as gender confusion is promoted to minors without parent’s knowledge?

5. If the left desires to ban prayer, the Bible, statues, corn syrup and butter packaging because they do not like them, why do they falsely claim parents want to ban books?  

6. How is it no one cares about laws prohibiting minors from tobacco, alcohol, and R-rated movies, but demand that minors be allowed to mutilate their genitals? 

7. Do the same people demanding vaccines and masks for everyone by taking away individual choice really believe the government propaganda? Or, is it a symptom of fear?  The same government tells us that GMOs are safe to eat and the environment was going to collapse back in the 1990s….

8. Recent national surveys reveal that over 40% of Biden supporters justify violence on Republicans yet these same Democrats are unwilling to hold their own party accountable. Do they truly believe what Obama said, “ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs?”

9. Why does the left howl over school shootings while completely ignoring the many, many more deaths to young people from illicit drugs pouring over the open border created by the Biden regime?

10. Why do leftists claim concern over election integrity (i.e. Russian hoax LOL ) while at the same time refuse to support sensible voter ID laws to protect democracy? 

11. Why do leftists ban certain flags or T-shirts while demanding rainbow flags be flown on government buildings?

12. Are people aware that Hitler, Castro, and Stalin all used the terms “more perfect union,” “greater good,” “democracy,” and “equality?”  

13. Why has perceived oppression suddenly become fashionable and minority groups demand others bow to their preferences when no individual or group should be above another?

14. Why do leftists want to deny law abiding Americans the 2nd Amendment while sending billions of US tax money to Ukraine for Ukrainian citizens to defend themselves with so-called assault weapons?

15. When will we as a society stop trusting an obviously corrupt central government and look for intellectual solutions rather than political solutions that will never solve the root of the problems?

The lines have been drawn, and neither side is going to back down. The only reasonable resolution is to reclaim the 9th and 10th Amendments through nullification of unconstitutional behavior as was in our nation’s earlier history. Why can’t we simply live and let live based on geographical location and cultural choices decided through democracy?  A one-size-fits-all approach has utterly failed as it always does in human history. Alabama is not California and North Carolina is not New York. Real problem solving begins with thinking outside the box as our founders did in decentralizing away from Britian. As Texas decentralized away from Mexico and eastern Europe decentralized away from the Soviets. If a husband abuses his wife, there is an exit clause to the marriage. The same should be true of federal government and we the people. Real solutions begin with an amicable national divorce. Learn more at

Jim Gaston