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Youngest town council member hopes to contribute “new perspective” to board process

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Sasha Widman

At 28, Robert (Robbie) Tompa is the newest – and youngest – member of the Town of Franklin Council, joining this coming December to participate in his first meeting.

Tompa stated that he wanted to be a part of the Town of Franklin Council because he feels he can “be a voice that brings new perspective.” Further, he is looking forward to becoming a part of a “cohesive and forward-thinking board that wants good things to happen and that wants progress, [… with a] mayor that is on the same page.” 

Tompa was born in Florida and moved to Murphy, N.C., when he was five. As a young adult, he enjoyed athletics. He graduated from Western Carolina University (WCU) with a degree in marketing and business administration, yet he was also part of the track and field team at WCU. In April 2020, Tompa moved to Franklin to work for Drake Software. Currently, he is employed with the nonprofit Kavod Family. Additionally, he helps coach the track and field team at Franklin High School.

“Being able to impact the youth through sports is important,” he stated.

In fact, Tompa pointed out that his main goal for his term on the council is furthering opportunities for the area’s youth so that they want to stay in Franklin. He wants youth and young adults to know that they “don’t always have to go to Asheville or Charlotte to do things. It’s good to have an outside perspective and go see the world, but there are also things to do here.” 

Additionally, he explained, “I would love to help restore some of the family issues going on here,” he said. “A lot of our drug issues, homelessness, and issues with children being in foster homes can be traced back to fatherlessness. I would like to help with the homelessness here and help with the foster care issue at the root, not just put giant band-aids over them.”

When asked what else he will bring to the council, Tompa answered, “I think I bring a strong faith-based perspective. I want to make sure that all things I do are for the greater glory, not just based on feelings or what’s happening right now.”

Tompa’s Christian faith is utmost. He regularly attends Discover Church with his wife, Jenna, who works at Kavod Fitness. “I enjoy getting connected with friends and having coffee with people in the community,” he said, “but I also like lifting weights and talking about God.”

Tompa added, “I love Franklin because of the individuals and the mix of people who make up this community, and I want to contribute to this community.”

Sasha Widman is a junior and an honor student at Franklin High School.