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Blair King named FHS principal; Noe takes on role of MCS academic officer

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Jason Bridges

At the heart of public academia is an office that requires dedication and an unwavering commitment to scholastic leadership, discipline, and perhaps most important of all, the safety and education of the community’s youth. Franklin High School’s (FHS) principal has fulfilled these requirements for the past few years and that individual’s name is Mickey Noe. However, Noe is making a transition from FHS principal to chief academic officer and director of federal programs for the Macon County School System. Rising up to take his place is FHS’s assistant principal, Blair King.

Born and raised in the Florida Keys, Noe aspired from an early age to fulfill a community leadership role. Noe found himself traveling with his parents during the summertime to their second home located in Hayesville, N.C., where he developed an affection for the area’s natural beauty and small-town closeness. After graduating from the University of Central Florida and being employed for several years at a school in Orlando, Noe and his wife decided to relocate permanently to Macon County in hopes of settling down and raising a family. They have called Franklin home for the past 23 years.

Having worked as a principal for most of his career, with the last three years at FHS, Noe envisioned his retirement from that position as the next step in his life within the school system, unless an opportunity presented itself that would allow him to continue his efforts within the community. With a recommendation from the Superintendent of Macon County Schools, Josh Lynch, Noe found himself in a position to carry on his passion for scholastic affairs for the Macon County School System. 

“I’m at that part in my life where something like this seemed intriguing, and I felt like I could really make an impact in this area,” remarked Noe. “The thing I’m looking forward to the most is the opportunity to work closely with all the schools of Macon County about various curriculum, interactions with teachers in the classroom, and seeing what insight I might bring to the table.”

Challenges that Noe will face in his new position include funding for school programs being proposed, utilizing existing programs that yield the greatest results, and developing relationships with the staff within the various institutions around the county.

He added, “It’s something that I know I can do. I’ll just have to work hard and set reasonable goals for what can be accomplished and keep my vision straight.”

When asked what role his involvement with FHS would be in the future, Noe replied, “No matter what, Franklin High School will always be my home. I’ve been privileged and blessed to develop a lot of great relationships here. The wonderful teachers, staff members, and of course the students at Franklin High School are very important to me.”

As of Oct. 17, the Macon County School Board decided that longtime FHS assistant principal Blair King would be assuming the role of principal at FHS, after much scrutiny was given to many internal candidates considered for the job. Noe believes King will be an exceptional successor. 

“Blair is an amazing man and being a high school principal is not just about daily operations, it’s about being at night events for the kids, supporting band concerts and ballgames, and taking on multiple roles. That can mean committing to 80-plus hours a week and going above and beyond your duties. Both of us having already assumed such responsibilities, I am confident that Mr. King will do just fine.”

Commented King: “I plan to keep Mr. Noe’s current standards of excellence in place, but that’s not to say that there won’t be obstacles that present themselves and I will be ready to face those challenges with the resolve that eight years of experience brings.”

Noe also believes King will be prepared to face whatever obstacles and implications a new high school facility might entail. (Click here to see related article.)