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A word from managing editor of Macon Sense

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Deena Bouknight

Wow! That is the exclamation that continuously surfaces regarding the first edition of Macon Sense.

The former staff of Macon County News, a board of nonprofit investors, myself, and my husband, Dan Finnerty, manager of and writer for Macon Sense, had essentially 10 weeks from start to finish to realize the first edition of a brand-new newspaper. No doubt, as American Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886–1969) said famously, “God is in the details.” He had to be, because there is no way we could have managed new computers, new software, a new design template, new racks, at least two dozen articles, and commitments by close to 40 advertisers in that amount of time.

Meeting with the professor of journalism/communications at Western Carolina University confirmed that offering up quality community news and information in Macon County was “good for all,” and that financial backing and support by not only advertisers but a nonprofit as well as reader donations was an ideal, 21st century, small-town newspaper model. Our goal is longevity, offering in-depth, factual, interesting information so that residents and visitors alike know more about the area, their neighbors, their leaders, history, traditions, and so much more.

Right out of college, with a degree in English and journalism, I was the managing editor of a small community newspaper. My almost 40-year career has taken me globally, working for regional, national, and international publications; but now here I am, full-circle, back to managing a community newspaper. And, best of all, I have the opportunity to work with a stellar group of skillful and professional people, am enjoying cultivating quality writers (including high school and college students), and can share life with the truly wonderful people of Macon County.

May Macon Sense enrich you in some small way!