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Macon Sense aiming to be light in a dark world

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Casey Wilson

“I offer nothing more than simple facts, plain arguments, and common sense,” wrote Thomas Paine, author of the famous 1776 “Common Sense” and a supporter of the American Revolution. Those are exactly the foundational principles that inspired Macon Sense, a “new” community newspaper for the citizens of Macon County. Our goal with this first issue and with every issue going forward is to provide a quality publication that supports free speech, righteousness, tradition, history, faith, and family values, with a commitment to factual journalism and objectivity.

Macon Sense operates under the support of Kavod Family (Kuh-vode), a Franklin founded non-profit that seeks to restore family values and transform local communities. Macon Sense has its own professional staff, led by manager and writer Dan Finnerty and his wife Deena Bouknight. Deena’s experience includes regional, national, and international publications, three fiction books, and almost four-decades of experience as a writer and journalist. Behind the paper is long-time editor Teresa Tabor, well-known and loved salesman Jay Baird, and designer Shana Bilbrey.

Initially, Macon Sense will be available bi-monthly in various locales throughout the region. In the coming months, our goal is to transition into a weekly publication offering home delivery subscriptions, while expanding our distribution throughout Macon County.

So why a newspaper? Why invest time, energy, and resources into what many coin a dying industry? The answer is clear: local voices matter. Honest reporting matters. Our community and our stories matter. If the sages of our day did not grow up feasting on TikTok, why should we? If we are going to cast a vision for our children’s children, we must once again be found reading local papers and discussing the things that are most important to this county.

Thus, this is our aim: a newspaper that honors God. A source of light in an age of dark news. To create a paper where young journalists are trained to report the facts and not their opinions. To provide an outlet where local leaders, pastors, teachers, business owners, mothers and fathers, field experts, and guest columnists can write. A community newspaper that informs you about today while also casting hope for tomorrow – that is the goal. And as a husband, father, and proud citizen of Macon County, I could not be more excited to be part of a news outlet that will encourage the community and help us collectively stand on values that built this great nation we love.

Casey Wilson
Publisher/Executive Director

Casey Wilson is the Kavod Family CEO and Macon Sense Publisher