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Terri Hunter

Foodways [ˈfüd-ˌwāz] the eating habits and culinary practices of a people, region, or historical period.

When I was a kid, we rarely went to a restaurant. My big supper treat was a frozen TV dinner or a frozen chicken pot pie. The TV dinner was in the most wonderful aluminum foil sectioned “plate” covered with a sheet of foil. Sometimes the directions said to fold back a section of the top sheet before heating. My favorite was some strange entrée called Salisbury Steak that could’ve been from Salisbury but definitely was not steak. Mashed potatoes and whole kernel corn finished the meal.

Later, some kind of dessert was added in a tiny little section between the vegetables. I begged for TV dinners, and my mama gave in about once every three weeks or so. A chicken pot pie was also a treat, and I thought it was just wonderful when Mama could dump it upside down right from the tin.

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Terri Hunter was born at Angel Hospital in 1952, graduated from Franklin High School, taught in the Macon County school system, and is the daughter of a Macon County Sheriff, the late Hubert Bateman, who served from 1974-1982. Terri has a long history in Macon County, including her great-great grandparents having traveled here by covered wagon. She has stories to tell regarding family foodways, and she plans to share periodically with Macon Sense readers. Look for more on this page in the near future.